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Stealing from God: Why Atheists Need God to Make Their Case

Stealing from God: Why Atheists Need God to Make Their Case

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What if the core arguments for atheism reveal that God actually exists?
With a rising dependence on science and rational thought in today’s culture, religion is often dismissed as “outdated” or “illogical” and atheism is gaining a wider audience. But award-winning author Dr. Frank Turek provides a strong case for how atheists steal logic, reasoning, evidence and science from God in order to support their claims.

A result of careful study, 
Stealing from God exposes the intellectual crimes atheists are committing by taking a closer look at:

  • Causality―how did the universe originate?
  • Reason―what does atheism mean for truth?
  • Information & Intentionality―God’s signature in creation
  • Morality―objective morality without God
  • Evil―is evil a contradiction for atheism?
  • Science―how theism makes science possible
  • And a powerful 4-point case for Christianity

No matter your stance on religion or atheism, this book will prove a thought-provoking and compelling read. With clear, well-researched arguments, Stealing from God is a refreshing resource to bolster your faith, help you engage with those who disagree, and open your eyes to the truth of religion and atheism.

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