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Trajectories meets an urgent need in both undergraduate and graduate study of the Old Testament. Too often Old Testament theology focuses on the end-product and leaves the process obscured.

Each chapter of Trajectories provides a clear path connecting biblical research to theological conclusions. The final chapter offers a step-by-step method for completing a thorough hermeneutical analysis framed within a discussion of the gospel message.

Trajectories also seeks to situate Old Testament theology in relation to global and generational trends influencing the church and evangelical theology. The implications of globalization and the rise of millennials on Old Testament theology are critical and thought-provoking topics for discussion.

Chapters in Trajectories are organized thematically, so the textbook can serve as a companion study guide to courses in the Old Testament and New Testament. In addition, the exploration of topics allows each study to link to the New Testament.

Each chapter concludes with tangible applications for the contemporary Christian church and with questions for group discussion and reflection.

"Here is a book well worth reading. The authors provide a masterful road for the average reader who wishes to understand the teaching of major Old Testament themes, their understanding by the writers of the New Testament, and their essential meaning for today. From creation to the digital age, we are introduced to the great works of God and the means by which we can interpret this largest part of the Bible as a valuable resource in our faith and life." --Richard S. Hess, Professor of Old Testament, Denver Seminary

"Biblical Theology at its best . . . Firmly rooted in the witness of Scripture, focused on Christ, connected to contemporary faith and life." --Mark J. Boda, Professor of Old Testament, McMaster Divinity College Bryan C. Babcock is an adjunct instructor at Moody Bible Institute-Distance Learning, teaching and developing courses in Old Testament studies.

James Spencer serves as Vice President and Dean of Moody Bible Institute, and teaches courses in biblical studies.

Russell L. Meek is Assistant Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew at Louisiana College and also serves as an adjunct instructor with Moody Bible Institute-Distance Learning.

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